Jahan Ghashghaei was a beloved Persian singer who was well known from older generations to the new. Jahan passed away at the age of 54 which came as a surprise to all on April 10, 2010. His voice range was one that could never be duplicated and talent like his will never come. Jahan has left memories for every generation through his amazing collection of albums with his newest one being Lahzehaye Asheghi. Musician or not, the Persian community has lost one of the most legendary and powerful singers of our time. May he rest in peace and his music live on for the coming generations.

Jahan Ghashghaei’s Tombstone was placed at his burial site and next to his wife Minoo.

Location : Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks Memorial Park ~ Westlake Village
He left us April 10 – 2010 for a better place .